Technical Ideas

Although my shoot is loosely based off  Marie Antoinette and her quote “Let them eat cake” for the hair I want to depart a little bit from the traditional 17th century style and work with a style that is a mix of slicked back and teased.Image of


The editing/final colouring of the image above is very similar to what I want for my final image.



The third one down would be closest to my ideal hairstyle even though it is not the slick back and teased combination I mentioned above however I think it is too complicated for this photoshoot.  The others are all variations I am considering and I will talk with the makeup artist for her suggestions but I think I will create my own version that will allow the teased part to be seen when shooting the model straight on.

The Marie Antoinette inspiration for my shoot will mainly present itself within the styling as she will be wearing a modern vintage gown rather than a period piece.  The makeup I chose is, like the hair, only loosely inspired by the makeup of the time.  I realize that they rarely had the red “geisha lips” (done to give them a pouty look) however often in modern interpretations they have red lips.  I will also whiten the face of my model as they often did to show that they do not have to work outside (which is what having a tan meant – working class, in the sun all day) as well as rosy cheeks. 

These lips are a version of what i would like for my shoot.

I overall really love the styling of this shoot, the makeup is very similar to what I want however I would like the lips I mentioned above.  I also really like the dress she is wearing but I will be limited to what I can find. The final editing is also similar to what I want.

This is a good example of what my styling will hopefully look like although I do not think I will make her face quite as white.

For post production I would like to play around with the saturation and vibrancy of the images I took.  I do not want to to anything crazy rather just play with how bright the makeup and cupcakes are and give them a mix of a surreal and vintage feeling to go along with the dresses.  I think if i do too much editing it will take away from the action of the shots and would serve no meaningful purpose.

I quite like the way the images from the following shoot were edited (other than the tons of editing to remove what they were leaving on)
I would however like to make my photos more cool rather than warm.

I also found this website which taught me the differences between Saturation, Vibrancy and Clarity (which is the one i knew the least about before hand)

What I plan on doing is sticking primarily with the Colour Balance, Brightness/Contrast and Saturation/Vibrancy tools to get my desired effect.


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