Versailles is one of my favourite places to visit and is a perfect example of everything that was wrong with that period in History.  It encompasses the entire idea behind my photoshoot.  The sheer opulence of everything at Versailles including the gardens in comparison to the living conditions of even the middle class is another version of the idea that clothing indicates our social class.  I would have loved to do my shoot in the gardens of Versailles!

Marie Antoinette


Photoshoots with food

1. Vogue Paris – October 2010

2. Marie Antoinette photo shoot (found after my shoot but is very similar to my original idea)

– the last two photos are the food fight

3. Ted Sabarese – January 2009

Love the concept of this shoot

4. Food Meets Fashion

– I think this ad campaign is really interesting although its not a fashion shoot it is using food to draw consumers to a mall


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