Post production ideas

For post production I would like to play around with the saturation and vibrancy of the images I took.  I do not want to to anything crazy rather just play with how bright the makeup and cupcakes are and give them a mix of a surreal and vintage feeling to go along with the dresses.  I think if i do too much editing it will take away from the action of the shots and would serve no meaningful purpose.


I quite like the way the images from the following shoot were edited (other than the tons of editing to remove what they were leaving on)
I would however like to make my photos more cool rather than warm.


I also found this website which taught me the differences between Saturation, Vibrancy and Clarity (which is the one i knew the least about before hand)

What I plan on doing is sticking primarily with the Colour Balance, Brightness/Contrast and Saturation/Vibrancy tools to get my desired effect.




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