Final Photoshoot Idea

This is a detailed explanation of my idea for our photoshoot.  I have already posted all my styling ideas and have more to come for overall feel/setting of the shoot.  I have looked a lot into social structure and how it relates to fashion.  This shoot is meant to be a part of a larger set of shoots that I will hopefully complete some day.  There is not enough time to represent many different social classes as a series for this course which is why I chose to purely represent Marie Antoinette.  She has become a caricature of herself and a representation of all that was wrong with the monarchy in France.  Her perceived over-spending, and her luxurious lifestyle is summed up in the quote attributed to her, “Let them eat cake.”  I chose her as a starting point for explanation and styling because her name quickly brings to mind everything I wanted to show through this photoshoot.  I know that she has become a cliche and is done over and over again in photography however I believe I will bring something new to it but its not being in period costumes rather just a vague reference for styling and original inspiration.  I love the idea of her face referencing Marie Antoinette but the rest of her looking decidedly modern to evoque the idea of fashion, vintage and gowns putting you at a higher social standing.


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