Photoshoot makeup





The Marie Antoinette inspiration for my shoot will mainly present itself within the styling as she will be wearing a modern vintage gown rather than a period piece.  The makeup I chose is, like the hair, only loosely inspired by the makeup of the time.  I realize that they rarely had the red “geisha lips” (done to give them a pouty look) however often in modern interpretations they have red lips.  I will also whiten the face of my model as they often did to show that they do not have to work outside (which is what having a tan meant – working class, in the sun all day) as well as rosy cheeks.

These lips are a version of what i would like for my shoot.

I overall really love the styling of this shoot, the makeup is very similar to what I want however I would like the lips I mentioned above.  I also really like the dress she is wearing but I will be limited to what I can find.

This is a good example of what my styling will hopefully look like although I do not think I will make her face quite as white.



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