market fever

Old war memorabilia and trinkets in Portobello Market, I particularly like the gas masks and may want to use one somehow in my final images. Stall selling old books, comic books, magazines and vinyl records.  I love that it has the feel of an old library but it is right in the center of Portobello … Continue reading

Underwater Photography

I think the photos below by Elana Kalis are really interesting but not because of what she has shot necessarily but because they are underwater.  The same scene had it been taken on land would have been nothing more than cute photos.  I especially love the image of “Alice” drinking tea underwater because growing up … Continue reading

Initial Idea 2

The second idea I had while thinking about structure was structure in nature.  Everything needs to be in balance and when out of balance, nature fails or develops strangely.  As I was looking I became increasingly interested in the idea of everything represented by the number phi.  It is used in many different ways and … Continue reading